Step Inn Shoes for Quality European Footwear

Shoe lovers will be walking on air this summer.

Subtle natural shades like platinum, silver, khaki, sophisticated caramel, timeless light grey and feminine rose hues set the tone, lending a touch of luxury to this 2018 spring/summer season. Black and white complete the cool, yet feminine look. Powder – the new nude, gives classic heels a chic, exclusive look - perfect for adding that special something to your wardrobe.

Vibrant colours of the jungle have found their way into the fashion world. Bold fuchsia pink and vivid azure blue turn shoes into statement pieces that add impact to any summer outfit.

Lush floral patterns on airy heels with ankle straps and slingbacks made from floral silk - a sea of blooming flowers adds a flamboyant touch to trendy understated looks.

Sandals combine elegant cream, black and rust-red hues with glittering metallic details, the perfect way to add wow factor to a simple summer outfit. These feminine sandals also compliment playful romantic looks beautifully.

Sneaker love: this season. Sporty sneakers - incredibly versatile - perfect companions for every day. Cool casual sneakers are right on trend again this summer. Sporty-casual ankle boots and light lace up shoes in linen, rose, silver and gold are guaranteed to turn heads in an urban jungle.

Glittering prospects for sneaker fans! Creased texture and metallic shine, adorned with Swarovski crystals, are a real all-rounder with a sophisticated touch. The perfect match for elegant business looks as well as sporty casual styles.

The casual, comfortable relaxed fashion translates perfectly to our New Zealand climate and lifestyle.

Visit Step Inn Shoes in Auckland and Tauranga and seek out fresh new additions to your wardrobe. Choose from the wonderful exciting new shoe creations awaiting you in store.

Fay, Tom and the Fabulous Step Inn Shoes Team.